Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kids In Mind

"This is an excellent resource for families. Merits two thumbs up...[Finally] movie ratings that actually work" - Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial

Kids-in-mind provides pretty comprehensive information about a film's content so that we can decide, based on our own value system, whether a movie is appropriate for our kids.

It's one of TIME magazine's 50 coolest websites too.

I came to know this website about a year ago while looking for information on a movie we were about to see. What I like about the website is it doesn't just provide an overall rating or critique. It provides ratings, with detailed explanation why, on three categories: sex/nudity, violence/gore, and profanity.

It also provides the substance use (e.g. alcohol, drugs). But what I find most helpful are the suggested discussion topics and the message that the movie conveys. They help me with discussions with my kids.

Here's an example for Ice Age 2. The rating is 1, 4, 2 (sex/nudity, violence/gore, profanity). The details explanation include "a male mammoth tells a female mammoth that she is attractive and talks about her backside", "an animal is hit in the head twice with a log thrown through the air twice (it's OK)", and more.

The discussion topics include global warming, evolution, extinction, etc. While the message is "let go of the past so that you can have a future".

Basic Instinct, on the other hand got a rating of 10, 8, and 9. One of the details is "a man kisses a woman's bare breast and inner thigh, then puts her legs on his shoulders (cunnilingus is implied)". Suggested discussions include murder, bisexuality, and more. And the message is "you never know who you can trust'.

Yeah, I guess I remember some scenes from Basic Instinct...