Friday, July 29, 2005

Mixed Perception about Europe

Europe is nice, but it's definitely different from America (of course, you moron!). We traveled to London (I went to, of course, Manchester), Paris, and Amsterdam via Frankfurt.

Frankfurt airport is nice. Big McDonald's with huge playground. That helps. London is freaking expensive and the meal size is small. We paid twice as much dollars of half of the portion. We missed the fish and chips, but the city tour was excellent. Manchester is old, but Old Trafford is truly the theater of dreams. (Our trip to) Paris was a mess. It must be the hotel where we stayed at. It was somewhere very close to one of the train station, but far from the city center (or at least the Eiffel tower). Cab drivers don't speak English, and it took us more than one hour to get a cab at the tower. The train from Paris to Amsterdam was nice but a bit boring. Surprisingly we enjoyed Amsterdam (I changed the hotel while in Paris -- we stayed in two nice rooms at Swissotel). Internet was free in the business center (I had to go to internet cafes in London; in Paris it was in a small, non-air-conditioned room). The food was great (lots of similarities to those in Indonesia). Tours were great too. The train back to Frankfurt was, again, nice but boring and a bit stressful as we must quickly get down at the airport. Flying back to Singapore, though, was excellent with Singapore Airlines.

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