Saturday, March 06, 2010

On diversity, xenophobia and nationalism

Look at the boardroom of any regional companies - or the regional office of any global companies. The chance is that you'll see a diverse board members. From functional perspective, for obvious reason, and from nationality perspective as well.

But look at just the levels below them. The chance is that, it's not that diverse anymore.

The Indian mob rules a certain function after the new board member was appointed - he's evidently an Indian. The Thais have built their own little kingdom, while the Koreans are not far behind.

Ah, this must be an Asian thing - one might think.

But it seems the Aussies and even the Europeans want to play a part too. Seriously, I have now tripled my German and French vocabulary (from one word to three words).

So is this nationalism? Or people just being xenophobic? Or is this diversity in its true meaning beyond the common stereotypes - like diverse point of views?

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