Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Indonesia Global Network

A friend of mine - and I am helping him - initiated a LinkedIn networking group called Indonesia Global Network. We also created a mailing list in Yahoo! with the same name.

The idea is to connect fellow Indonesians who are currently living abroad. We hope the members will help each other in their professional and personal life by exchanging information, expertise, experience, and favors.

I've invited some fellow bloggers to this group, and please feel free to join if you haven't. The group is currently limited only to those who are living abroad at this moment. We try not to overwhelm ourselves and grow out of control. There are definitely ups and downs of this, and I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Here are the links:
Network group in LinkedIn
Mailing list on Yahoo!

Dear Members,

Thank you for joining the Indonesia Global Network (IGN), and welcome to the group. You are now connected with other Indonesian Professionals with similar background and situation.

The idea of initiating this group is for members to help each other in their professional and personal life by exchanging information, expertise, experience, and favors. This mailing list is a medium for collective communication among members, in either English or Indonesian. Please feel free to invite your qualified connections to join this group.

We would appreciate if you could share the following information to the group:
- How long you have been away from Indonesia.
- What you like most from the place you are currently living.
- Your expectations from this group and suggestions to get there.

Please take the advantage of LinkedIn IGN group network to view other members' rich professional profiles, through the link below. You may contact these individuals directly to discuss your specific interest.

In posting and sending messages to all group members, please observe the following common etiquettes:
- No spam, MLM, commercial advertisement, or things alike. Senders will be banned immediately without notice.
- Set this mailing list as exception in the auto-reply features (such as out-of-office auto reply).
- Keep email subject relevant to the content.
- Respect others' opinions; do not insult others when in disagreement.
- No attachment. Please files send to Admins to upload and member to view/ download at


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Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 by numbers

I like numbers. They're exact. They're not wishy-washy. They're not dependent on how one sees it.

Here's my 2007 by numbers, subject to memory bias.

1 - the sight of the Petronas Twin Towers from mi casa. Down from 2.

8624, approximately - number of visits to this blog. I'm sure the majority was my own visits. Up from, I believe, below 100.

7 - the highest number of guests staying over in a night. Up from 5.

143 - size of the group I'm leading. Up from 8.

17 - return air trips to Jakarta in 2007 for the whole family. Up from 10.

1 - number of cigars smoked. Stay at 1.

And here are two views of the towers from the balcony...

February 2007

January 2008

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy new year

Happy new year, everyone!

For the third time in a row, we spent the new year's eve in KL. This time, though, it wasn't in an apartment.

We celebrated the new year countdown at SouledOut, with its SoulStock theme night. We got companies too! Thirteen guests were joining us -- seven stayed in our place. Full house!

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