Friday, February 16, 2007

Midday nap to live longer

In this demanding and fast-pace life, getting enough sleep is sometimes a big challenge. Some people even often skip lunch or have theirs while working. Work-life balance is out of the equation.

Taking a nap? Forget it.

Whoa, not that quick. A recent study ties drop in deaths to a little nap after lunch.

"... researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and in Athens reported that Greeks who took regular 30-minute siestas were 37 percent less likely to die of heart disease over a six-year period than those who never napped. The scientists tracked more than 23,000 adults, finding that the benefits of napping were most pronounced for working men."

It even concluded that napping was more likely than diet or physical activity to lower the incidence of heart attacks and other life-ending heart ailments.

The researchers mentioned, however, that while working men appeared to benefit the most from naps, they couldn't reach any conclusions for working women because there were relatively few in the study.

Midday napping, eh? Be sure this is the midday napping to improve health, not the other kinds of napping -- no study just yet... :)