Sunday, March 11, 2007

On poor customer service

Since last Thursday, we've been trying to open a new account for the kids. All documents were complete. On Thursday, it was an hour waiting to be attended (and no, it didn't get to our turn after an hour). On Friday, it was another 45 minutes, with the banker (customer service representative?) disappeared most of the time, until they said they had a problem.

So I got an earful of complaints from my wife on Friday night. The only mistake, I think, was that she went to a wrong bank, Maybank.

Maybank is the biggest bank and financial group in Malaysia. It is also, however, famous for poor customer service. Unfortunately, I have to bank with Maybank. The company I work at, for the sake of simplicity, only transfers to Maybank. While on one hand it hurts, on the other hand it makes sense as Maybank has the largest network.

I did a search for complaints on Maybank on an online consumer community portal, There is quite a few. Some of them, unsurprisingly, I've experienced myself. Like unanswered phone calls. Consistently non-working ATM. Nice (well, sometimes rude) but incompetent employees.

And part of the problem is that they don't focus on customers. They're stuck with the rules. Rules that don't put customers as priority. Many complaints on ATM/card replacement, like this one from the community portal:

Once again... Maybank! Haiz... What the this banking company policy thinking. I had say this company is a d**n lauzy customer services. The story are... Last two week i was get ppl stolen my wallet. Inside all the document and bank card are lost. No choose and i have do the report at nearly polis station, after i went replace all the document and bank card. IC, lisen, OCBC, public bank, RHB, AM ATM card all can be replace after i show them my polis report paper and im tempory IC and internatioal passport. But only the d**n Maybank, i show all the document also my saving book but they say cant! but have orginal IC just will replace the ATM card for me. What? this kind of services also will happening? What the hell they thinking? and i waste about 2 hours and getting this kind answer.