Sunday, June 17, 2007

Polygamy on the rise

Call me ignorant, but I was pretty surprised to read an article about polygamy in the U.S. - open and quite legal. "About 40,000 'fundamentalist Mormons' in Utah and nearby states live polygamy illegally," the article said.

Aroengbinang stated his position on polygamy - respecting both groups, those who oppose as well as those who support polygamy. I guess mine is along that line.

As long as there's a mutual agreement between the parties involved. As long as the neighbors are not disturbed. As long as there's no fights or whatsoever.

But, religion aside, there should be some rules to govern polygamy, shouldn't it? If people are free to have as many wives (or husbands?) as they like, I am sure there will be chaos.

This is absolutely a one-sided view.

Love or attention is probably too difficult (or impossible) to measure, but financial is not. Without ample financial foundation, there will be problems. More family members to take care of. More stomach to feed. More kids education to fund. And so on.

So there probably should be rules for polygamy, if it's ever made legal. Sort of like a financial threshold before marrying the second, third, fourth wives/husbands. Or even the fifth, sixth and more.