Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the way...

"On the way!"

Arguably the number one response given when one is caught being late or about to being late. Whether he is really on the way, or even not yet on the way.

And sometimes it comes with supporting "evidence", like "the traffic is surprisingly bad today!"

From friends going to a gathering, to husband picking up wife. From suppliers delivering "just-in-time" packaging materials, to colleagues coming to a business meeting.

Even recently, delivery from our cafeteria, less than 5 minutes walking, was on the way for 15 minutes (and after the second phone call to check).

I guess it is more OK (or less not-OK) to use excuses or reasons that are a little dramatic for being late. But to give expectation that one will be on time when he knows that he will be late, is pure lying and not acceptable.

Why would not tell the truth?

"Geez, I haven't left home yet. I'm still blogging" (Positively dead husband!)
"Some of our warehouse personnel did not show up at work. Your delivery will be late." (Not a competent supplier)

Because the truth hurts? But it seems to be just a matter of being scolded early or later.

At least, then, we can start a meeting on-time with modified agenda if we know someone is coming late. We can start order the appetizers. And many other good things...