Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rational Masterminds: at work

Ah, so true...

The Mastermind sees situations from their own unique perspective and they enjoy finding new solutions to complex problems. They are driven to implement their ideas whether or not others can see their vision for improvement. If they are given no support, they dig in their heels and work all the harder to achieve their vision. Stress comes when they are forced to deal with too many unexpected events or if they are forced to be too extraverted for too long. The stress manifests itself by obsessive thoughts on external data and feelings of the world being against them. They can recover if they are given time to be alone, get their tasks rebalanced and have time to pursue their visionary solutions. It's best if others do not try to give them advice or suggestions. Says Vince, "I can see ways to make information more accurate with less effort which will greatly benefit the organization. Unfortunately, most people can't see what I see until I actually can give them a working model. Luckily my current boss has faith in my visions and gives me some free reign. He doesn't ask me to account for all of my time and gives me a heads-up when a specific deadline is coming up. This is so much better than my last boss who pressured me all of the time that I became less effective and wanted to withdraw from everyone."