Saturday, December 16, 2006


There are many Yahoo! fantasy footballers with "[TT]" in their team names, including some of the best teams (i.e. top 50). Well, TT stands for Team Talk. It's a website forum where "experts" in fantasy football share their opinions. The rest, like me, would just try to digest these opinions and get the best out of it.

Teamtalk was created with the intention of providing a comfortable place for people with a common interest in Fantasy Football, Primarily (but not exclusively) Yahoo Fantasy Football and Football itself to meet, exchange ideas, share information and enjoy each other's company.

It has two types of memberships: regular and Elite. As an Elite member (which I'm not), you can get the access to the TT Elite forum, estimate team points using BBC stats, plan ahead with access to simple YFF schedules, and many more.

The rest of the forums are pretty similar to what people throw in YFF, except TT manages the forum much better. This includes fixture information, team news, suspensions & injuries, etc.