Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Busy Indonesia

What a busy few weeks has it been in Indonesia. First there is AA Gym, a famous religious leader who ate his own words and married his second wife. Well, he just got more famous, especially among the husbands.

Then Yahya Zaini and Maria Eva. The earlier one is the head of the biggest political party's religious affair committee. The latter one is simply a bitch, who sings, fucks, and holds evidence, such as movies from cell phone camera, for ransom.

Earlier, it was the kid who died of, presumably, some wrestling actions. Smackdown, or smekdon, as people call it.

And even earlier than that (I can't remember more than this), was Bush's visit. Yes, that freakin' arrogant Dubya. It took billions of rupiah for the Indonesian government to prepare for his visit - safety, traffic detour, and thousands of policemen.