Saturday, April 28, 2007

Never gonna give you up

Nah, I'm not being romantic. A bit sentimental, perhaps. Or just don't want to admit it... :)

Anyway, I'm referring to Rick Astley's "never gonna give you up". I think it was in 1988 when the song became a hit in Indonesia. I heard it again today after so many years. Yeah, I'm that old...

Rick's voice is not my favorite, but it's so unique I guess.

I always thought that Rick Astley was an Australian. (I found out today that Rick Astley is an English.) Perhaps because Kylie Minogue was also a big hit at the same time. (She's an Australian, right?)

What's Rick doing now? It seems that he's still doing some music works, but there's rarely any news.

An unofficial Rick Astley website writes: "It's not easy being a Rick Astley fan right now, there seems to be very little news however we are expecting to hear something soon. This quiet period is different from the past, Rick has no intention of hanging up his mic just yet and therefore we do expect Rick to be active in the very near future."

So if there's any Rick Astley fan out there, never give up.