Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another workers survey

There was then the not unhappy Indonesian employees. And now, another survey on workers' attitudes to work and work life-balance, it's the Dutch being the least whining.

While Luxembourg had the highest disgruntled employees, the French now have topped a list of the world's most whining workers.

The Work Whinging findings are based on a number of factors, including percentage of workers unhappy with pay, actual income relative to cost of living, percentage of workers who feel work impinges on private life, and average weekly working hours.

There's no information whether Indonesian or Malaysian workers were surveyed out of these 23 countries.

China, Thailand and Japan were the only three Asian countries mentioned in the press release. Japanese being the lowest morale workers, while Thai workers are the second in term of employee morale, along with Irish workers.

I argued that the Indonesians being the least unhappy in the previous study could be an indication of inferiority complex. Now that it is the Dutch, I am thinking that it has something to do with the long colonization period. Cultural transfer, or something like that. Possible, eh?