Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wireless at home

One of the things I've been struggling with since my moving in, almost a couple years ago, is the wireless network. It's been an uphill battle.

What I want is good signal, particularly in the two bedrooms and living room.

As where to place the router, my options are (1) in the room where the desktop is, and (2) in the living room, which is right in the middle of the other two bedrooms. The end-to-end distance between the two bedroom walls is about 10 meters. Desktop is wireless-enabled (but receiver/antenna is at the back).

Until last week, I put the router next to the desktop, so it's wired. But the wireless signal didn't even get to the other (my) bedroom. It was practically wireless only in the living room. I suspected it was because the super thick, 22"- and 7", concrete walls that sandwich the living room.

I bought a wireless antenna last weekend. It did give a bar or two in my bedroom, but it's not consistent. So last Friday I moved the router to living room. This solves the wireless coverage problem, but desktop signal now is weak.

So in the quest of freedom, I am looking at more options: get a wireless signal booster (extender) or replace the router with wireless N router.

Any ideas are appreciated...