Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Open season

Well, I managed to get some colleagues from work to play basketball again. We ain't no good at all, but the games are actually refreshing and help force us to get out from work early.

After the first game last year I wrote a "report", and attempt to do so again this year. (All initials are accurate)

MFG finds winning way against SCM

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – Desperate to escape from trailing many points on the first quarter, MFG successfully overcame SCM in the opening game this season.

After a long break, last night’s game kicked off the new season. Both teams, with a long history of basketball rivalry, brought in their new signings – TCP, who undoubtedly was the star of the night, and MF, who scored a couple of points late in the game.

SCM started the game brightly with AP and LBK both scored in the opening minutes. MFG was many times unsuccessful to open up SCM’s tight defense, as MFG’s center MS was physically marked by MF.

The arrival of TCP in the second quarter, however, totally changed the game. His vast experience allowed RT and VN dominated the game. MFG clearly took advantage of having one extra player and continued to control until late in the game. SCM made its best push by cutting the deficit early in the fourth quarter, but MFG put the game away in the dying minutes.

Both teams plan to recruit more players. “We clearly need to get more players. It’s obvious, physically we can’t play four quarters without substitutes. We will need more MCs!” admitted MS. As a follow-up, a hot team has been set up for recruiting.